Your choice of preferred Catalyst Handling and Specialised Industrial Cleaning contractor should not be difficult. Compliance to safety, procedures & efficiency, supported by an experienced management team and world class, industry specific equipment, will ensure the success of your next catalyst turn-around.

This commitment to our customers is substantiated by our continuous investment to World – Class Occupational Health, Safety, Risk and Quality management systems, ISO 9001 & ISO 45001, as well as specialised Catalyst handling equipment.

Qualified Catalyst Handling Personnel

  • Only qualified & experienced Reactor Entry Technicians, no untrained casual workers employed
  • Qualified & experienced Catalyst Supervisors oversee projects
  • All projects include a dedicated Safety manager & safety support team
  • Personnel understand that safety & accountability are our core-values.

Catalyst Handling High Volume Vacuum Unit

  • Suitable for all high volume catalyst projects
  • Nitrogen purging compatible
  • Automated cyclone feeder system
  • Variable control suction
  • Hazardous environment compliant
  • Temperature monitoring option

Inert Entry Life Support Unit

  • All life sustaining support equipment localised
  • Centralised safety & communication information
  • Automated cyclone feeder system
  • Variable control suction
  • Hazardous environment compliant

Specialised Confined Space Entry Into Hazardous Environments

  • Ensuring personnel safety and client satisfaction under extreme working conditions.
  • Experienced personnel
  • Correct specialised safety equipment
  • Recorded & monitored atmosphere with verbal radio communication & CCTV
  • Safety procedure included

World Class Reactor Entry Technicians

  • Only the most experience, best equipped and well trained personnel utilised
  • Valid training qualifications & physical capabilities
  • Compliance to legislation & procedures
  • Efficient and effective operational actions

Screening, Separation & Bagging

  • Effective screening and separation of various catalyst sizes.
  • Depositing separated catalyst sizes into different bulk bags for re-loading
  • Removal of fine breakage, debris and dust.
  • Equipment highly mobile for easy plant operations.
  • Different screening mesh sizes available
  • Suitable for catalyst screening of Acid convertors & other reactors (380v, 3 phase electrical supply required)

Strategic Alliance with ISCT - Mercury Chemical Cleaning & Decontamination

  • Pipeline chemical pigging, flushing, & decontamination
  • Mercury area & personnel occupational exposure monitoring & studies
  • Mercury and toxic metals, process sludges, spent chemistry fluids &​ condensates waste minimisation
  • Sampling & analysis of process streams using Mak4™ sampling systems ASTMD6350, ISO6978, modified EPA 30B
  • Mass flux/distribution mapping of process & partitioning studies based on precise & reliable measurements
  • Interventions management and planning baseline mass loading of existing equipment, chemical decontamination of downhole equipment & post verification equipment sampling and analysis
  • Cryo-system and AHX inspection, predictive mode, chemical and thermal decontamination methods

Confined Space Entry Operations

  • Safety procedures & actions, including rescue & breathing equipment
  • VOC & LEL atmosphere testing
  • Calibrated & certified atmosphere testing equipment
  • Certified & tested lifting rescue equipment
  • Experienced personnel  & supervision
  • Cleaning of tanks, pipelines, sumps, pits and other industrial confined space areas

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