Leaders in the Industry

We are proud to note that Catalyst Services is one of the largest independent Catalyst Handling- and Specialised Industrial Cleaning businesses on the African Continent – an achievement in itself. This is made possible by the support from our ever-growing customer base as well as our committed management team.

As a business, our commitments to all our stakeholders, which include our personnel, our customers as well as our investors, are at the core of everything that we do.

Catalyst Service ensure that whatever we do in business, it is done right, first time, and to the required safety and efficiency standards.

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World-class Occupational Health, Safety, Risk and Quality management systems, ISO 9001 &ISO 45001.


Commitment to our customers by ensuring all services offered are delivered in a safe, ethical, cost-effective and efficient manner. These commitments are non-negotiable and form our core disciplines.


Continued capital investment into the best and most suitable specialised equipment. Adherence to calibration, testing and certification procedures. Only highly experienced operators and supervision personnel are utilised


Operations are highly mobile, and our services are available for deployment into African countries. We are able to undertake site visits anywhere in the world to plan and execute new projects. Speak to us today.

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